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O.K. fellow agents, today’s debrief is on kitchen countertops. Hopefully this will help shed some light on this highly complex mission.

When it comes to countertop materials there is a ton of different choices out there to choose from. Some of the materials we will discuss in today’s mission are granite, engineered stones, solid surfaces, wood and concrete countertops. So let’s get started!!!

Granite Countertops Long Island
By Elegante – Long Island

Granite Countertops

Granite has always been the mainstay in counter tops. One of the main reasons for this is not just its beauty and elegance but that it stands up to the every day wear and tear it gets from an active kitchen. Granite holds up to heat, comes in many different colors, is hard as a rock (pun intended), incredibly low maintenance, and has a high resale value to prospective home buyers. No wonder, it has been the choice for so many years.

Quartz Countertops Long IslandQuartz Countertops Long Island
By Elegante – Long Island

Quartz Countertops

Not taking anything away from granite but there are some people who are ready for a change!! That brings us to engineered stones. Engineered stone is a quartz composite that is just as hard and durable as granite. It comes in some really funky colors as well as being more consistent than granite. Engineered stone doesn’t have the veins and the movement of granite. It’s easy to maintain and there are several brands on the market that have many different colors to choose from.

Marble Countertops Long Island

By Elegante – Long Island

Marble Countertops

The timeless beauty of marble countertops comes with its tradeoffs. Marble is a very porous material which makes it susceptible to staining. If you put down your glass of wine, or spill water, even your favorite tomato sauce can leave a stain if not wiped up right away. In the evolution of quartz composites companies like Caesarstone have launched lines that are inspired by marble. Being that these new marble look alkies are truly quartz composites, it gives us the beauty of marble without the worries of staining.


 Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface materials are a great alternative as well, they are made of durable, man-made acrylic to provide years of low maintenance beauty and service. A solid surface counter top is the same color through out, so if it gets scratched it can easily be sanded or buffed out like it never happened. Solid surface comes in the colors of the rainbow, is stain resistant and is also a very durable material.

Wood Countertops Long Island

Wood Countertops

This brings us to wood. Wood counter tops add a level of warmth to any kitchen and with some of the patented sealers out today there is no reason to be afraid of doing a wood top. Historically wood had to be refinished and resealed and maintained often. Today there are companies that make sealed wood tops to ensure that they are water proof. Wood tops can be made of any species of wood and stained to your liking. While you do need to take care with cutting on it and placing hot things on it, wood makes a great alternative counter top.


Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops Long IslandI would be remiss if I didn’t speak about concrete counter tops in this article. Concrete is a really fun surface to use for tops. It can be dyed to any color, it is heat and scratch resistant, and is very exotic to have in your kitchen. It is porous but can be sealed and it has a tendency to crack but can be repaired.

Well my fellow agents, I hope my debrief helps in all your counter top missions. Good luck and be careful out there!!!!