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Home Theater Trends:

The evolution of dedicated Theater Rooms and Media Rooms

Since the late eighties where the home theater concept entered the home, there have been many variations of type, look, feel and budget when it comes to Home Cinema solutions. The two primary concepts involved the affordable almost DIY concept that electronics manufacturers entered the mass market with and the more involved solution that later became the Dedicated Theater Room solution.

As the custom installation market grew a variation of inexpensive Den Home Theater solutions became available with more robust product solutions and right around that time (early nineties) the architectural speakers debuted which paved the road for a more seamless look and performance within the home theater concept. That ended up splitting the home theater solution to Mass Market and Custom.

Architectural Speakers, in wall speakers, in ceiling speakers

Architectural Speakers: Invisible in-wall speakers and subwoofer. By Audio Video Invasion in Long Island, NY

In the mid- late nineties the DVD player was introduced as well as High Definition Cable and Flat screen displays. The combination of these three elements created a viable industry category that progressively grew to a home standard. The mass recognized and utilized Home Theater System was born!


Home Theater Rooms

The Home Theater concept primarily serves a gathering space within a home such as the den, family room, basement den etc. and its primary components are:

  • A surround sound audio video receiver
  • 5 speakers
  • 1 subwoofer
  • A display
  • Sources such as bluray/ dvd/ gaming console/ high definition cable receiver
  • As well as what we call an interface which basically refers to some sort of universal remote control so multiple remote controls are not needed to operate the system. See Control4.
Home Cinema Room Home Theater Rooms

By Audio Video Invasion in Long Island, NY

Dedicated Home Theater Rooms

The dedicated theater concept basically entails the dedication of a space (Enclosed from the rest of the space) where the sole purpose of the room’s existence is to re-create the movie experience as vividly as the movie theater does or better. Instead of a tv screen, a projection screen of much bigger proportions as well as a projector similar to what movie houses have been using is used. The speakers and amplifiers are designed for a much more vivid sound reproduction and because the room is self sustained and not open to the rest of the space, the sound gets contained within the room and with the right wall and floor  treatments, it does not escape or bounce around so it delivers a much more direct listening experience!

Dedicated Home Theater Rooms

Dedicated Home Theater Room: By Audio Video Invasion in Long Island, NY

Media Rooms

The newest trend in Home Theaters, at least from our point of view, is the Media Room concept. That also happens to be our favorite of all! The use of the Dedicated theater has been strong felt throughout the past couple of decades with that concept gaining momentum in the more affluent public categories. Who says though that for someone to really enjoy the dynamics of the combination of a large projection screen and a crisp, responsive audio experience, you would need to have a dedicated room built. Through that change in design process the media room theater concept has emerged. That basically says that you can have a bar with a lounge and pool table and off to the side, a large seating arrangement and a 110″ projection screen with a projector and surround sound system that everyone in the open space can view and enjoy in the background or up close and personal by taking a seat.

Media Rooms, Media Room, Games Room, Family Room

Mercedes House, NY: Audio/Video installation by Audio Video Invasion in Long Island, NY

Technology advancements  have enabled a bigger group of people and households to be able to enjoy the theater experience in their own homes and at the end of the day that is the most important thing for people in our industry! Whether it is in a Family Room, a Dedicated Theater Room in the basement or a  Media Room located in the Bonus Room above the garage, the home theater experience looks like it is here to stay!

Panos Anassis

Owner of Audio Video Invasion serving Long Island and NYC.