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Jacuzzi Tubs & Shower Enclosures - Walk in Showers

By CK&B in Long Island.

Spa Bathrooms

In today’s busy and stressful world we need to take some time for ourselves.  When work is done and the kids are finally in bed, its time to de-stress and let the pressures of the day slide away.

There is nothing like giving yourself time alone to have a good soak and relax in a Jacuzzi tub. Lots of people like to feel like they can unwind in their bathroom and there’s no more peaceful setting than a spa like environment.

The main element that can help achieve this feeling when designing a new spa like bathroom is the feeling of  openness. One way of achieving this, If  at all possible, is to take a smaller room and increase it by taking space from an adjacent hall closet or part of another room. Even if working with an existing space there are ways to make the bathroom feel more visually lighter.

This could be achieved by using a wall hung vanity where the cabinet is floating up off the floor. The finish of the vanity should have a low sheen with the wood grain running horizontally across the flat front surface.


Undermounted Bathtubs Spa Bathrooms

By CK&B in Long Island.

Pullout drawers attached to doors around the plumbing can offer additional convenient storage. Wall mounted faucets offer a less crowded look above an under mounted sink.  Medicine cabinetry should be integrated into the wall for a clean flush unobtrusive fit.

Today’s wall hung toilets can be installed with the tank hidden in the wall so that only the bowl is exposed floating up off the floor. Niches can be built in to walls to create areas for candle placement.

Steam Showers Shower Enclosures

By CK&B in Long Island.

Walk in Showers should be as open as possible surrounded by clear glass panels. Vertical body sprays and overhead showers offer a soothing experience. Incorporating a steam shower is a great way to start or finish the day. Tiles are usually placed horizontally which could be as large as 12 high by 36 inches long with slight borders of glass mosaics around them.

Bathtubs could be under mounted in order to loose the perimeter edge.  This offers a more built in, stream lined look. Another way to go is a clawfoot tub which is free standing and adds a beautiful spa like feel.

The use of air baths as opposed to regular jetted whirlpools has become more desirable. Just imagine hundreds of tiny heated air bubbles gently caressing you as you lay back on a neck pillow. Mood lighting and sound can be added to the air bath to create a more relaxing experience. Light colors with subtle accents help create a more soothing environment to be in.

Proper space planning is vital. Select all your materials and incorporate it all into a set of  blueprints prior to starting installation. Then ready, set and go.  With the right team of installers your new spa bathroom should be transformed in about two weeks ready for you to relax and enjoy!